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    Some of my poems.
    Translate from Russian to English by Mikomi.

    On the edge of two dimentions of the dream and truth
    on hearing someone's voise just stop.
    So silent me. I call. I gaze. and thus I die.
    with one last time of saying "sorry" I am gonna lie.
    So sorry that 'tis only shade of me in thy imagination,
    With the indistinct evidense in sould and incarnation.
    I am just slight emotion - only thought to follow,
    Not dream and not a bit of real only hollow.
    I touch thee with the wind - I touch thy lips so tender,
    I glance into thy eyes with moon light in the night.
    I leave the tear on the abandoned, with the broken fender
    on heart of thee I leave the soleil tear so bright.
    Thu I shall be in memory of yours forever
    as whisper of the wind, and blaze of morning star.
    Thus I reborn with rays on dawn as every sunrise,
    And thus I die to tell you all of thing I do "apologise".
    So sorry am I that don't ask for love don't ask for that so far,
    That without love I burn in feeling thought and really dissapear.
    With taking slitest pieces of thy heart each time I am this near,
    And leave instead the slightest piece of heartbeat.
    To come once more to chase away the pieces of thy dreams,
    To vanish once again at night just as I did before,
    To stay but only as a shade and ghost in dims,
    With look into thy eyes so full of love that I adore.

    To pour love with the ruby wine
    Thus to sense taste of bitter.
    To mix this wine with blood fine!
    To drink it till the end. New start is better.
    Make happiness a bit fulfilled with darkness
    And hope a bit in the bouquet of tender
    With slight eyes shut to fly in sadness
    And then to drink it up and start with no surrender
    With breathings in the scent of dream,
    Fill it with poison bitter and destructive
    To chase away the ghost of love so deem
    To drown in swamp of despair so seductive.
    There will be calling light away but close to
    As if youve heard the sound of breaking soul
    Believe you cant just find the answer hereto
    But drops of ruby blood in sand to make it all.

    I sink into the night swallowed by stars
    I draw new world with my wing feathers.
    And paintings are my tears and fears.
    Ill trim your image with the crystal moonlight,
    And pure with star dust just a bit allover
    Ill give some sorrow in thy eyes from deep night.
    Ill make your smile out of eternity,
    And out of rainbow I will make a tear.
    And heart with flaw of everlasting unity.
    Ill touch your arm with my soul slightly,
    Will lose myself in thy hair with breathing.
    And will vanish as ghost in the dusk so brightly.
    I will keep in my memories image of thee,
    Dispersing everything made by the night.
    I will only whisper it to the stars I love thee

    On taking path of fate,
    On balancing the edge of abyss,
    I catch the glance of hope
    And fly up to the valkin canvas.
    But in the darkness of my soul
    The valkin halo called me.
    With devilish and mournful growl
    With clouds, and wind, and dazzling.
    Thus I shall put my wings together,
    I rush myself into the deepest void.
    To break into the ash and feathers,
    To raise again off tides and foam.
    Through years and moments overnover,
    Through billions of days and storms
    I thus go on with flight through shower,
    Not seeing faces and not seeing dorms.
    With pulling up and falling downwards,
    I chase the mortal souls and grab,
    I search for years and more of thousands
    The only victim of my fate and stab.

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