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  • Name: Violette.

    Country: Belarus.

    Age: was born in May, 1975, count the rest)))).

    Education: got two higher education diplomas – history, social and political studies tutor and I am also psychologist.

    Occupation: What do I do for living? Try to bring daughter and whole bunch of other people))). I mean I work as a trainer. Teach taidzi-tsuan. But in fact I do teach more that just this, because I have managed to learn martial arts including jiu-jitsu))). But mostly I educate myself in martial arts.

    I like books, music and good movies.

    Only do not be surprised of one and the same face I mostly make my creations of)))))). It happened so because of one good friend of mine (almost accidentally): I have found an interesting model for my experiments. And I use his image selflessly and without any feeling of shame))).

    And if you want to ask something or say anything to me -


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